by Harold Steele MacKaye
The Panchronicon
  • Fiction
  • 1904
  • Autor: Harold Steele MacKaye
The book was attributed to historical fiction. As with many time travel books, it has this fantastic element. This is not just a reason to watch the past. The character wants to get rich by sending modern devices for him in time to get a patent and sell it. However, he does not believe that he has returned to the past, and does not behave as is customary in that era ......
Number of pages: ~ 143 pages

by James McKimmey
The Eyes Have It
  • Fiction
  • 1953
  • Autor: James McKimmey
The classic version is a few people in the room, and one of them is a stranger, an enemy. An attempt to detect it leads to an unexpected result, but the stranger will certainly be neutralized....
Number of pages: ~ 12 pages

by Jack G. Huekels
Advanced Chemistry
  • Fiction
  • 1923
  • Autor: Jack G. Huekels
A well-written story about a scientist who created a serum that can defeat even death ... and then lose in an unequal struggle. Fascinating fantasy story...
Number of pages: ~ 10 pages

by G. L. Vandenburg
Jubilation, U.S.A.
  • Fiction
  • 2011
  • Autor: G. L. Vandenburg
You've heard, I'm sure, about the two Martians who went into a bar, saw a jukebox flashing and glittering, and said to it, "What's a nice girl like you doing in a joint like this?" Well, here's one about two Capellans and a slot-machine.......
Number of pages: ~ 14 pages

by Alexander Blade
Zero Hour
  • Fiction
  • 2011
  • Autor: Alexander Blade
By accident, Bobby discovered a rocket that was about to go to the moon. Naturally, he wanted to join the flight. But will he be able to get on board?...
Number of pages: ~ 10 pages

by Elaine Wilber
The Hero
  • Fiction
  • 1958
  • Autor: Elaine Wilber
There was no doubt that Willy was a hero. The biggest difficulty was different: it was almost impossible to decide which side he was on ......
Number of pages: ~ 15 pages

by Tom Godwin
The Nothing Equation
The ship went into hyperspace, and he was left alone in the observation bubble, ten thousand light-years from the solar system itself. He looked out the window at the gigantic sea of emptiness around him and again wondered what danger had so frightened people before. He was sure of one thing; outside the bubble there is nothing that could kill it....
Number of pages: ~ 11 pages

by Neil R. Jones
The Jameson Satellite
  • Fiction
  • 1931
  • Autor: Neil R. Jones
The scientist decided to save his body after death forever, but it turned out that after 40 million years, aliens found him and revived his brain by inserting this brain into a robot. As a result, the scientist was given the opportunity to explore the new worlds of the Galaxy along with aliens. (Later this story inspired Asimov to write all his works on the topic of robotics)....
Number of pages: ~ 20 pages

On the Trail of the Space Pirates
  • Fiction
  • 1952
  • Autor: Carey Rockwell
The story of the adventures of the cadets is a story that you will love. We mean Space Pirates! Space Pirates! How cool can it be? There is an Energy Castle Formula that allows Space Pirates (shake, space explorers!) To rob spaceships. The Polaris team must go underground to find the stolen formula ...!...
Number of pages: ~ 105 pages

by Ward Moore
Greener Than You Think
Greener Than You Think, a classic novel by Ward Moore presents a world with endless grass in Bermuda that strangles any other plant and destroys stocks of animals and humanity. The book was first printed in 1947....
Number of pages: ~ 185 pages