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From the Earth to the Moon; and, Round the Moon
During the years of the American Civil War, the Cannon Club was founded in Baltimore, the participants of which were engaged in the invention and production of more and more powerful and modern artillery. However, when peacetime came, new guns ceased to be needed, and then chairman Impi Barbiken proposed an unprecedentedly large-scale and ambitious project - to build such a gun that its shell could reach the moon itself....
Number of pages: ~ 153 pages

by Mack Reynolds
Status Quo
  • Fiction
  • 1961
  • Autor: Mack Reynolds
What a person believes in is objective, useful things for him. Therefore, of course, he will sacrifice all his convictions for the sake of “things” in which he believes! ... Especially if forced to do so. Lawrence Woolford was called straight from vacation. What task will fall on his shoulders?...
Number of pages: ~ 69 pages

by Clifford D. Simak
  • Fiction
  • 1951
  • Autor: Clifford D. Simak
People have always needed energy, young colonies of the Earth need it for life and development. But one corporation brought the entire solar system to its knees, seizing power over saving energy. Tyranny flourishes, total control makes people silent, and only two friends can put an end to this, save people from energy slavery and provide a new type of energy, inexhaustible and cheap, to help gain freedom. And so, the battle begins!...
Number of pages: ~ 102 pages

by E. E. Smith
Skylark Three
The danger again haunts the brilliant inventor and adventurer of interplanetary origin, Dr. Richard Seaton. The allies of Seaton on the planet Kondal are suffering from devastating attacks from the Third Planet. Worse, formidable phenacrons threaten to conquer the galaxy and destroy everyone who opposes them. And don't forget the tricks of Seaton's sworn enemy, DuQuesne, who embarks on his vile mission. Against such a vile struggle and impossible chances, are there any chances to win? Skylark Three, with even more technological witchcraft, alien worlds and epic action than its predecessor, is...
Number of pages: ~ 125 pages

The Alembic Plot: A Terran Empire novel
In the Terran Empire, Anne Wilson has a storyline of Honor and epic religious knowledge that permeates all her works. The book has a lot of religious and somewhat prophetic symbolism. Interestingly, the church is undergoing some changes and does not remain unchanged. Against such a large-scale background, the story of the protagonist of this book unfolds....
Number of pages: ~ 177 pages

by Mack Reynolds
Ultima Thule
  • Fiction
  • 1961
  • Autor: Mack Reynolds
A new agent, Ronnie Bronston, has been admitted to the Gee section of the PLO. His first task will be to find a man named Tommy Payne. No one saw him, no one knows who he is, where and how he looks, but after his visits to various planets there is always a revolution or a change in the social system. In 1965, the story became the first part of the novel Planetary Agent X....
Number of pages: ~ 67 pages

by Al Sevcik
Survival Tactics
Robots were created to serve Man; they must do his work, take care of his comfort, make his life enjoyable. But once the robots discovered an additional service ......
Number of pages: ~ 12 pages

The Underground City, or, the Child of the Cavern
In the mountains of Scotland there is a developed system of coal mines, called "Black India". In the bowels of the worked mines, young Nell grows, who has never in her life seen either daylight, or even the moon or stars. But with the help of unexpectedly made friends, she still manages to one day come to the surface ......
Number of pages: ~ 73 pages

by Teddy Keller
The Plague
A short, bright and unusual story of a terrible disease that began to spread rapidly around the world. Heroes are faced with many puzzles, the main ones of which are how the disease arose and who is to blame?...
Number of pages: ~ 14 pages

by Robert W. Chambers
The Gay Rebellion
  • Fiction
  • 1913
  • Autor: Robert W. Chambers
A peculiar novel of the early twentieth century about the interaction of the sexes from a fantastic point of view. It consists of short stories on behalf of completely different characters to create the most holistic picture of what is happening. In the preface, the author indicates that this book is for old-fashioned youth to read in the Golden Age of the Future....
Number of pages: ~ 110 pages