by Edward W. Ludwig
The Lonely Ones
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He line between noble dreams and madness is thin, and loneliness can push men past it . . . ....
Number of pages: ~ 18 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 1 out of 5

by Robert Abernathy
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"Strayed off again--the young idiot! If he's playing in the shallows, with this tide going out...." Pater let the sentence hang blackly. He leaned upslope as far as he could stretch, angrily scanning the shoreward reaches where light filtered more brightly down through the murky water, where the sea-surface glinted like bits of broken mirror....
Number of pages: ~ 12 pages
Amazon Rating ~ п/а

by Lester Del Rey
Badge of Infamy
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Daniel Feldman was already a doctor. He violated the rules of the hospital lobby and made a mistake to save his friend's life. Now he avoids pariah, everything, and forbids touching another patient. But there is more and more freedom on Mars. There, Doc Feldman greets the colonizers, even if they are hunted by force. However, Feldman sees himself as the main character, realizing that the Martian plague could soon destroy humanity on two planets. The war began. The world is ready to destroy the colonies of Mars. Treating the plague is the price of peace, and only Feldman can find it....
Number of pages: ~ 77 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.4 out of 5

by Jules Verne
Robur the Conqueror
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They laughed at his notions of heavier-than-air flying machines. But the last laugh he had with Albatross - the most incredible flying machine ever built. Lord of the sky, Robur became a potential conqueror of the world! A fascinating satellite of 20,000 leagues under the sea, Robert the Conqueror explores many of the same topics....
Number of pages: ~ 77 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.1 out of 5

The Gilded Man: A Romance of the Andes
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United States consul at Carthagena, that unspoiled haunt ed city oi the Spanish Main, which, it may be recalled....
Number of pages: ~ 139 pages
Amazon Rating ~ п/а

by Joe Gibson
The Machine That Floats
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What if you invented a space ship? Would you give it to the world? And what if you decide NOT to! Are you a criminal to be hunted down?...
Number of pages: ~ 67 pages
Amazon Rating ~ п/а

by Maude Mary Butler
A Soldier's Son
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The Author wishes to state that no case of Christian Science healing has been cited in this story but such as she has known of a parallel case in real life....
Number of pages: ~ 111 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.9 out of 5

by Terry Carr
Warlord of Kor
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"Horng sat opposite the tiny, fragile creature who held a microphone, its wires attached to an interpreting machine. He blinked his huge eyes slowly, his stiff mouth fumblingly forming words of a language his race had not used for thirty thousand years. 'Kor was . . . is . . . God . . . Knowledge.' He had tried to convey this to the small creatures who had invaded his world, but they did not heed. Their ill-equipped brains were trying futilely to comprehend the ancient race memory of his people."...
Number of pages: ~ 61 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4 out of 5

by H. B. Fyfe
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It was, of course, one Hell of an ending for a trip to Mars......
Number of pages: ~ 10 pages
Amazon Rating ~ n/a

by C. C. MacApp
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To disobey the orders of the Council of Four was unthinkable to a Space Admiral of the old school. But the trouble was, the school system had changed. A man, a fighter, an Admiral had to think for himself now, if his people were to live....
Number of pages: ~ 17 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4 out of 5