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A Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde
  • Genre: Сlassic
  • Date of first publication: 1886
  • Writer: Oscar Wilde
  • Number of pages: ~ 64
  • Amazon Rating ~ 4.0/5
"Mister Utterson, the notary, whose stern face was never lit up with a smile, was a reserved man of few words, socially awkward, lean, dusty, and boring - and yet he was very attractive. In his friends’ circle, especially when drinking the wine that he enjoyed, his eyes started to radiate the soft light of compassion that has no access to his speech. Instead, his compassion spoke not only in these silent places of afternoon complacency but also in his deeds, even more often and louder there. He was strict with himself: when eating dinner alone he drank gin daunting his lust for fine wines, and being a lover of drama for more than twenty years he had not crossed the theater threshold. However, as to weaknesses of his fellows he showed admirable leniency and sometimes with a touch of envy was astonished with their boisterous vivacity, hidden in their sins, and when the day of reckoning came to them he preferred to help them, and not to blame... "
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