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La Gran Comisión
“Cumpliendo la Gran Comisión” es un libro donde el autor enfatiza la importancia y el gran desafío de cumplir la Gran Comisión para estos últimos tiempos. Enumera razones que están actualmente desenfocando a la Iglesia y a cada creyente. Razones que han resultado en la desobediencia colectiva e individual al mandato de “ir y haced discípulos a todas las naciones”. El libro está lleno de muchas anécdotas personales y de viajes misioneros, testimonios e ilustraciones. Expone muchos problemas internos en la Iglesia que por años han mantenido al pueblo de Dios desinformado, desinteresado y...
Number of pages: ~ 281 pages

by Greg Boyle
Tattoos on the Heart
How do you fight despair and learn to meet the world with a loving heart? How do you overcome shame? Stay faithful in spite of failure? No matter where people live or what their circumstances may be, everyone needs boundless, restorative love. Gorgeous and uplifting, Tattoos on the Heart amply demonstrates the impact unconditional love can have on your life. As a pastor working in a neighborhood with the highest concentration of murderous gang activity in Los Angeles, Gregory Boyle created an organization to provide jobs, job training, and encouragement so that young people could work...
Number of pages: ~ 317 pages

by Rutherford Hayes Platt
The First Book of Adam and Eve
  • Christian
  • 1996
  • Autor: Rutherford Hayes Platt
The First Book of Adam and Eve is a remarkable ancient religious text that offers a fascinating account of the earliest days of humanity. It recounts the story of Adam and Eve, the first human beings created by God, and their life in the Garden of Eden before their banishment for disobedience. The book explores a range of themes, including human nature, temptation, sin, and the relationship between humanity and the divine. It also highlights the importance of faith, obedience, and the consequences of our actions. While the book's origins are uncertain, it remains a powerful and insightful...
Number of pages: ~ 137 pages

by Ellen G. White
Duties of An Armor Bearer
Sepulveda is the “armor bearer” of senior pastor Matthew Shaw. An armor bearer — a biblical reference to the one who carries the spear and shield of a warrior — is traditionally the person in the church who assists the pastor in everything from adjusting the temperature in the sanctuary to picking up visitors at the airport to running interference for the minister....
Number of pages: ~ 852 pages

by Anna Riva
Powers of the Psalms
The perfect prayer book - that is what the Book of Psalms has been called. Written over a period of about eight hundred years, these one hundred fifty poems and hymns are the most important existing collection of Hebrew national and religious poetry....
Number of pages: ~ 128 pages

by Rick Warren
The Purpose Driven Life
Translated into over 50 languages, The Purpose Driven Life is far more than just a book; it is a guide to a spiritual journey that has transformed millions of lives. Once you take this journey, you'll never be the same again. This new, expanded edition of The Purpose Driven Life, created for a new generation of reader, includes: Video introductions by Rick Warren to chapters 1-40, An audio Bible study at the end of each chapter, with over 30 additional hours of teaching by Rick Warren. Two new bonus chapters on the most common barriers to living a purpose driven life. Access to an online...
Number of pages: ~ 368 pages

by Augustus Hopkins Strong
Systematic Theology
  • Christian
  • 1994
  • Autor: Augustus Hopkins Strong
Systematic Theology is the culmination and creative synthesis of John Frame’s writing on, teaching about, and studying of the Word of God. This magisterial opus at once biblical, clear, cogent, listenable, accessible, and practical summarizes the mature thought of one of the most important and original Reformed theologians of the last 100 years. It will enable you to see clearly how the Bible explains God’s great, sweeping plan for mankind....
Number of pages: ~ 872 pages

by Jean-Pierre Camus
The Spirit of St. Francis de Sales
Jean-Pierre Camus is a French writer and theologian whose novels enjoyed great success in the 17th century. Known for his criticism of the mendicant orders, he considered their members to be loafers. Sympathized with the Jesuits. In total, this highly prolific author wrote about 260 works. The Camus case clearly demonstrates how unsteady the line between the "best seller" and the moralizing book was in the 17th century....
Number of pages: ~ 536 pages

by James Gibbons
The Faith of Our Fathers
Gibbons, James - American theologian, cardinal, one of the most influential figures of the Catholic Church in the United States. His works are widespread in the United States. In 1889, he founded the Catholic University of America in Washington and was its first president. In this book, the author substantiated the right of the Catholic Church to be the only God-anointed mentor in matters of faith....
Number of pages: ~ 444 pages

by G. K. Chesterton
The Ballad of the White Horse
The poem is dedicated to the battle of Alfred the Great, the first Anglo-Saxon king of Britain with the pagan Danes. Chesterton sees this event as an allegory of the confrontation between civilization and barbarism, faith and unbelief, life and death. Chesterton transforms the image of a white horse, an ancient drawing on the chalk hills of Oxfordshire, into a symbol of the European Christian tradition: this silhouette has survived to this day, because generation after generation has cleared its outlines, preventing it from overgrown with turf, - so our ideas about good and evil, duty ,...
Number of pages: ~ 92 pages

by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Grand Inquisitor
The parable, first published in 1879 in the journal "Russian Herald" in the fifth chapter of the fifth book "Pros and Cons" of the second part of the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky "The Brothers Karamazov." The author called the “Grand Inquisitor” the “peak” of his last novel. It is an allegorical story by Ivan Karamazov to Alyosha Karamazov on the topic of Christian freedom of will and freedom of conscience....
Number of pages: ~ 22 pages

by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
The Antichrist
The book is built as a protest of the philosophy against the inappropriately declared Christian church, the principles and real practical Christian church in the stories, as well as the inconsistency of reality. The text of the Antichrist actively criticizes the apostle Paul, who, according to Nietzsche, revealed God and gave in the Gospel "the most represented of all unused people - the undoubted teaching of personal immortality." Nietzsche confirms that Paul used to be a hallucination for proving the afterlife of Jesus Christ, and called the faithful in his teaching idiots....
Number of pages: ~ 96 pages

by Brother of the Resurrection Lawrence
The Practice of the Presence of God
  • Christian
  • 2004
  • Autor: Brother of the Resurrection Lawrence
Brother Lawrence was a man of humble beginnings who discovered for himself the greatest secret of life in the kingdom of God here on earth. This is the art of "practicing God's presence in one simple act that never ends." He has always declared that it is God who draws himself in the depths of our souls. We just need to open our hearts to receive Him, and His loving presence. As a humble cook, moving every day through daily duties, Brother Lawrence learned an important lesson: "The time he spent in communion with God must be the same, despite the surrounding turmoil in the kitchen with a few...

by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Smith
The Book of Mormon
  • Christian
  • 2008
  • Autor: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Smith
This is an abbreviated record of the people of Nephi and the Lamanites. It is written to the Lamanites - the remains of the house of Israel, as well as to Judea and to the Gentile; written as a commandment by the spirit of prophecy and revelation; written and sealed that she was not exterminated. Of God for the interpretation thereof. Lord, it will appear in due time through the mediation of a Gentile. The interpretation of this is through the gift of God. It is also an abbreviated chronicle, taken from the book of Efer, which contains the history of a people when it builds a tower to reach...
Number of pages: ~ 640 pages

by Augustine of Hippo
The Confessions of St. Augustine
The common name is the 13 autobiographical writings of St. Augustine, written around 397-398 AD. er and telling about his life and conversion to Christianity. “Confession”, which is considered to be the first literature in Europe devoted to a Christian writer. It contains only the most valuable information about his spiritual path and the development of philosophical and religious views. The title emphasizes the Christian basis of the work. Turning to the Lord, Augustine confesses the sins of his entire life. He describes his transition from wordless infancy to childhood. Augustine confesses...
Number of pages: ~ 352 pages