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The Confessions of St. Augustine
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  • Date of first publication: 1961
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Book brief summary
The Confessions of St. Augustine
The common name is the 13 autobiographical writings of St. Augustine, written around 397-398 AD. er and telling about his life and conversion to Christianity.
“Confession”, which is considered to be the first literature in Europe devoted to a Christian writer. It contains only the most valuable information about his spiritual path and the development of philosophical and religious views.

The title emphasizes the Christian basis of the work. Turning to the Lord, Augustine confesses the sins of his entire life. He describes his transition from wordless infancy to childhood. Augustine confesses his disobedience to parents and teachers (I: X). Once his stomach became very sick and his pious mother almost baptized him, but he recovered (I: XI). After childhood, youth came. Augustine admits of his dislike attitude towards Greek language and Greek literature, which he studied at school (I: XII-XIV). He then talks about the theft of a pear at the age of 16 (II: IV). Then Augustine moved from his native Tagasta to Carthage to study rhetoric and was captivated there by theatrical performances (spectacula theatrica - III: II). Then he becomes a teacher of rhetoric and experiences a perennial passion for maniah action (V: III). Augustine confesses to cohabiting with one woman, whom he, however, remained faithful (IV: II). Augustine gives birth to her son Adeodat (IX: VI).

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