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The Sign of the Four
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  • Genre: Сlassic
  • Date of first publication: 1890
  • Number of pages: ~ 78
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The Sign of the Four

The action takes place in 1888. London. Young, scared governess Mary Morsten turns to Sherlock Holmes for help with two puzzles. The first concerned the disappearance of her father 10 years ago, a few years after which she began to receive rare pearls by mail from an unknown patron. Finally, a mysterious benefactor asks the girl for a meeting. However, Mary’s meeting with the stranger raises only new questions from Holmes, and Mary causes even greater fear and suspicion. But unforeseen difficulties not only do not confuse the brilliant detective, but further fuel his passion for sports. It is necessary to unravel the tangled ball of crime, where the hidden treasure, greed, revenge and sudden death are intertwined.
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