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Jane Shore
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  • Genre: Сlassic
  • Date of first publication: 1714
  • Number of pages: ~ 88
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Jane Shore
Nicholas Rowe, an English playwright, poet laureate, studied law at Middle Temple, became a barrister, received an inheritance after his father's death, and engaged in literary work. His most significant dramatic works are Ambitious Stepmother; Tamerlane; Fair penitent; Jane Shore and Lady Jane Gray. In some of his plays, Rowe combined a heroic drama with family tragedy. In the center of the action is usually the heroine, whose distress makes the viewer feel sorry and sympathy. Rowe was one of the first editors of Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s prepared plays saw the light of day in 1709. Rowe was the first to introduce the division into acts and scenes that has survived to this day, noted the actors' exits and departures from the stage, and sent each play a list of characters.

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