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The Kybalion
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The Kybalion
"The Kybalion" is a New Thought book written in 1908 by William Walker Atkinson under the pseudonym "Three Initiates". The book claims to draw its teachings from the ancient wisdom of the so-called "Hermetic Philosophy," which is said to have originated in ancient Egypt and Greece and passed down through the centuries. The book's teachings center around seven principles, which are said to govern the workings of the universe: mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, and gender.

The book argues that understanding and mastering these principles can allow one to achieve personal success and greater understanding of the world. It asserts that everything in the universe is made up of mind and that all physical matter is merely a manifestation of mental states. The principles of correspondence and vibration are said to explain how mental states affect physical reality, while the principles of polarity and rhythm describe the balance and flow of energy in the universe. The principle of cause and effect asserts that every action has a corresponding reaction, while the principle of gender explains the complementary nature of masculine and feminine energies in the universe.

This book is often associated with the New Thought movement, which emphasizes the power of positive thinking and the belief that thoughts have a direct impact on physical reality. The book's teachings have been influential in the development of various New Thought and self-help movements and have been interpreted in a variety of ways by different readers. Some see it as a work of pure fiction, while others view it as a valuable source of spiritual wisdom and truth.

In summary, this is a book that presents a unique and esoteric philosophy that blends elements of ancient wisdom, New Thought, and spirituality. Its teachings center around seven principles that are said to govern the workings of the universe and offer the key to personal success and greater understanding of the world. Whether viewed as a work of fiction or a valuable source of spiritual truth, the story continues to be an intriguing and thought-provoking read for those interested in alternative spirituality and self-help.

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