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Ho Tactics
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  • Genre: Education
  • Date of first publication: 2014
  • Number of pages: ~ 131
  • Amazon Rating ~ 4.9/5

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Book brief summary
Ho Tactics
"Ho Tactics" is a controversial self-help book by G.L. Lambert that aims to teach women how to empower themselves in the dating world by adopting a "ho" mentality. The book challenges traditional ideas of femininity and advocates for women to take control of their own sexuality and desires.

Lambert's writing is blunt and unapologetic, addressing sensitive topics such as sex, money, and power with a no-holds-barred approach. He provides practical advice on how to identify and avoid "lames" (men who are not worth your time), how to use your appearance and personality to your advantage, and how to play the dating game with confidence and skill.

While some readers have criticized "Ho Tactics" for promoting negative stereotypes of women and perpetuating the objectification of female bodies, others have praised it for its empowering message and practical tips. With its bold and controversial approach, "Ho Tactics" is a book that is sure to spark debate and inspire women to take control of their own lives and relationships.

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