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Through the Looking-Glass
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  • Genre: Fiction
  • Date of first publication: 1871
  • Number of pages: ~ 100
  • Amazon Rating ~ 3.9/5
Through the Looking-Glass
Everyone knows this girl: once she fell into a rabbit hole, and now she went through the mirror. Her name was Alice, she lived in Victorian England. Lewis Carroll wrote wonderful tales about the adventures of a curious girl - and for one and a half centuries they have been enthusiastically read by children and adults all over the world.
In this book, the Victorian era comes to life - the very one when traditions were immensely respected, strictly followed etiquette, captivated by little things and transformed the world. Here you can learn the language of flowers and the art of shaking hands, learn the rules of driving by rail, move through the path to go from Pawns to the Queens, learn to read mirrored books and fold the hat, like Carpenter’s. Here you will find answers to the most unexpected questions: can Butterfly make a pair of Walruses, what to talk about with fish, oysters dance a jig when they invented a bar of chocolate, how to distinguish the marquise from the baron, where did the wallet words come from, why does Leo fight with the Unicorn.
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