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The Undersea Tube
The Undersea Tube

If my friend, an engineer, had not told me that the pipe was dangerous, I would not have bought a ticket on that fateful night, and the world would never have known the history of the Golden Cave and the City of the Dead. Therefore, according to the generally accepted custom, when I first presented my report as the sole survivor of the disaster under discussion at the International Committee for the Study of Natural Disasters, I am now ready to present this story to the whole world. Naturally, I know about many wild tales and rumors that have been circulating since the accident, but I must ask my readers to endure me while I try to briefly describe, not only the enormous difficulties that engineers must overcome, but also the theory of wind movement, which used in this endeavor; because only by understanding one of these two phases of the technical problems of the Pipe, one can understand the accident and its subsequent discoveries.

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