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by Molière
The Imaginary Invalid
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  • Humor
  • 1673
  • Autor: Molière
The last play of the French comedian Jean-Baptiste Moliere, in which he played his last role. The hero of the ballet comedy, Argan, is either a home tyrant who purposely invented the disease, or a lonely eccentric trying to hide from the indifference of the world around him. Lists of medicines and procedures become the backdrop for various battles - for whom to marry a daughter, how can a young lover find a common language with a stubborn old man and how to evaluate medicine......
Number of pages: ~ 108 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.9/5

by Jonathan Swift
A Modest Proposal
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  • Humor
  • 1729
  • Autor: Jonathan Swift
It is a satirical pamphlet, which was written anonymously by Jonathan Swift and published in 1729. He suggested selling Irish poor men’s children as food for the English upper class....
Number of pages: ~ 64 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.5/5