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Mr. Punch's History of the Great War
This is a story about the adventures of Mr. Punch during the First World War, told by the language of witty satire. Despite the humor, the book is intended not only to preserve the memory of the bloody war, but also to look at it from the other side....
Number of pages: ~ 324 pages
Unknown rating

by Tom Taylor
Our American Cousin
The work of Tom Taylor dates back to 1850-1870, to the time when, after the suppression of the Chartist movement, to replace the socio-political novel of 30-50. and poetry of social pity came, on the one hand, aesthetics, and on the other - sensational literature, reactionary in its class ideology. This literature is characterized by a sharp plot. Taylor's melodramas are extremely typical in this respect. Rich in acute situations, dynamic and spectacular, they did not leave the scene until the last years of the 19th century....
Number of pages: ~ 88 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.4/5

by Richmal Crompton
Just William
The English writer Richmal Crompton is best known for his funny tales of William Brown. Children and adults fell in love with this inexhaustible hero. Simply, William is the first book of children's stories about a young school boy, William Brown, written by Richmal Crompton and published in 1922. The book was the first in a series of books by William Brown, which was the basis for numerous television series, films and radio adaptations....
Number of pages: ~ 185 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.5/5

by William Congreve
The Way of the World
  • Humor
  • 1700
  • Autor: William Congreve
"The Way of the World" is the last of four comedies written by William Congreve, the most famous of the plays of English playwrights of the Renaissance and the most perfect of the entire Kongre heritage. This is due to the fact that all these phenomena are associated with well-known, non-involvement in the time of its creation, in the specific circumstances of life in London at the end of the XVII century. I want to say that everyone has significant manifestations, most importantly - in human manifestations, they are inherent....
Number of pages: ~ 112 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.9/5

by Oscar Wilde
An Ideal Husband
  • Humor
  • 1895
  • Autor: Oscar Wilde
The Chiltern family seems perfect. He is a successful politician, she is a virtuous wife. But even ideal people have their secrets in the closet, and with the advent of the mysterious lady, this secret can become known to everyone. Oscar Wilde reflects on the possibility of an absolutely honest politician....
Number of pages: ~ 119 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.5/5

by Molière
The Imaginary Invalid
  • Humor
  • 1673
  • Autor: Molière
The last play of the French comedian Jean-Baptiste Moliere, in which he played his last role. The hero of the ballet comedy, Argan, is either a home tyrant who purposely invented the disease, or a lonely eccentric trying to hide from the indifference of the world around him. Lists of medicines and procedures become the backdrop for various battles - for whom to marry a daughter, how can a young lover find a common language with a stubborn old man and how to evaluate medicine......
Number of pages: ~ 108 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.9/5

by Jonathan Swift
A Modest Proposal
  • Humor
  • 1729
  • Autor: Jonathan Swift
It is a satirical pamphlet, which was written anonymously by Jonathan Swift and published in 1729. He suggested selling Irish poor men’s children as food for the English upper class....
Number of pages: ~ 64 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.5/5