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How to get over a pandemic improving literacy? [PDF]

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

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There is a list of books that can help you have a look into the world of classic literature and fantasy. Each book has more than 750 pages.

Almanac of the Dead

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

The first book is written by Leslie Marmon Silko and called “Almanac of the Dead”. There are more than twenty characters in the book. It describes the relations between Mexicans and Americans. You can hardly find anything attractive in the book. There are no positive and lovely characters there. The title deals with a special notebook that was given to the main characters. According to it, the actions show the time when there was a great battle for lands between Native Americans and Mexicans. The story is told in the form of almanacs belonging to Maya. It combines the past, the present and the future, but starts with the description of European corruption resistance.

The Goldfinch

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

The novel “The Goldfinch” is written by Donna Tartt is an exciting and catchy read. It tells the story of a young boy Theo. He could survive after the terrorist attack. At that time, he was only 13 and lost his mother. She became a victim of the aggressors. Leaving the art museum, Theo takes a picture of a goldfinch. During all his life he is taking it with him. It travels to different parts of the world with its owner. The book is full of interesting and unforgettable characters. You will be tied with the book and won’t notice the time spending on reading.

Jonatan Strange & Mr. Norrel

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

Susanna Clarke presents the book “Jonatan Strange & Mr. Norrel”. It is a kind of a humorous story that describes the relations between two reckless men. And the sphere of their interest is quite unusual. They are magicians, but they have no practice. They study only theory, as the times of real magic were long ago. The story is going on this way until Mr. Norrel made a resurrection. With the help of his library, he could return a woman from dead. Since that time the men have become real magicians and began to put their knowledge into practice. Jonathan Strange became Mr. Norrel’s assistant. The book is full of humor and reveals the relations between two men. But the book is rather special, not everybody will like it.

Ida: A Sword Among Lions

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

The book was written by Paula J. Giddings “Ida: A Sword Among Lions” tells the reader a story about a woman who fought for women's rights. He was the leader of the campaign to protect people from violence. The book combines the experience of the journalist and historic events of racism that appeared in the USA some years ago. The book is considered to be an exciting biography.

Italian Folktales

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

Italian Folktales are rather well-known in the world, but Italo Calvino added some unfamiliar events and characters in them. Though the plot of the folktales is easy to guess. He did much work collecting the folktales written or told many years ago. Though the plot is well-known, the manner of narration will catch the readers’ attention. The translation was done by George Martin.

House of Earth and Blood

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

“House of Earth and Blood” is a novel written by Sarah J. Maas. It is her first book when she became an adult. This book is not the longest but has something that will catch the reader. There is a novel about counteraction with dark sides. You won’t notice how time flies while reading it.

The Found and the Lost

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

Ursula K. Le Guin presents a book called “The Found and the Lost”. She specialized in writing different genres including fantasy, poetry and science fiction. She is famous for her Earthsea fantasy stories. This book is a collection of other novellas. It includes philosophy and addresses human nature. It examines its culture and other sides of souls. This is a book that worthwhile reading even if you are not familiar with the author.

A little life

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

The story told by Hanya Yanagihara in the book “A little life” is extremely tragic. It is about a child who experienced abuse. Though it happened long ago, the main character bears this pain through his all life. He will never get it over and try to find peace between the men, who are going to be his family. The book is tragic and is going to be a shock for a reader.


How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

George Elliot is a novelist who created his masterpieces in the 19th century. “Middlemarch” is one of the best-known and popular. There are lots of characters in the novel. For example, Dorothea Brook is a representative of the upper class. She is going to marry an old man. She has the intention to improve her intellect through the marriage. At the same time, a new doctor marries a charming and young girl, but their marriage is not a success. Fred pays much attention to Mary but has almost no chances to win her. And the most interesting character is Eliot who speculates about the characters’ behavior and motivation analyzing their actions.

The Masque of the Red Death

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

Complete Tales and Poems by Edgar Alan Poe include more than 125 works of the author. So, some of them are well-known: “The Masque of the Red Death”, “The Tell-Tale Heart” and many others. But there are some stories that almost unknown. But all of them will help you to spend time with great pleasure.


How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

“1Q84” is a novel written by Haruki Murakami. The original edition includes three volumes. It was published in Japan, but a bit later in the USA, it was presented in one volume. The translation was done by Jay Rubin and Philip Gabriel. The novel tells the story about Tengo and Aomane. The action took place in 1Q84 when the world has two moons in the sky. This novel is a good start for those who have never read anything written by Haruki Murakami. It is mostly about love.

The Dreamblood Doulogy

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

“The Dreamblood Doulogy” by N.K.Jemisin comprises two novels. The first book tells the story of a priest who collects souls while people are sleeping. He finds his duty useful but discovers rivals who do the same. He has the only right to stop them, as it is only his sacred duty. In the second book, there is a story about a prince and a woman. The latter becomes a dream-sharer by breaking the rules of the current world. The theme of the plague is also shown there.

The Brothers Karamazov

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

A famous novel was written by Fyodor Dostoevsky “The Brothers Karamazov” which reveals the theme of a love triangle. There are three main characters there. The first, the narrator of the novel, Alyosha is a pious man with a high level of naivety. His brother Dmitri is a charismatic and impetuous person. He is a member of that love triangle, as he fell in love with a woman, who loved his father. And the third brother is Ivan, who is depicted in the novel as a rational and the most intellectual among others. When their father was murdered, the first who was suspected in it was Dmitri. As a result, he was arrested and sent to trial. The book uncovers the world of love, philosophy and religious confrontation.

Bleak House

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

The longest novel written by Charles Dickens is called “Bleak House”. The style of Dickens’ narration shows the reader lots of characters in the very beginning. Some lines put together during the narration. At the end of the novel, it becomes clear why he introduced all these characters and events. The author shows London in Victorian-era. And due to his witty manner of writing, the novel catches the readers’ attention. Drama, romance and murder mystery creates an atmosphere that is impossible to meet in any other book.

The Tale of Genji

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

“The Tale of Genji” is written by the unknown author. But it is stated everywhere as if the author is Murasaki Shikibu, and there is one reason for it. It is connected with the name of the child who was kidnapped by Genji. The story of creation states that it was written approximately in the time when famous English book Beowulf appeared. So, they have a lot of similarities. The tale narrates the reader about a Japanese princess who asks her lady-in-waiting to tell her fairytales. She invents the stories about the emperor’s son Genji. She tells about political and love affairs. The action takes place in Japan in one of the yards. The number of characters shows all the difficulty of relations between them. It is written in the form of poetry.

Les Misérables

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

“Les Misérables” written by Victor Hugo in the translation of Norman Denny tells us about the French judicial system with a high level of criticism. Jean Valjean spent many years in prison, and after he got freedom he became a successful businessman. But there was one trouble about him, he broke the financial guarantee of his freedom. But the prison officer learned about it and pursued Jean to restore justice. At the same time, a former prisoner helps a poor prostitute and adopts her child. Historical events tell us about the peasants’ revolt. They demand fair treatment for themselves. It is a perfect view of the historical events of France and just a catchy story.

The Count of Monte Cristo

How to get over a pandemic improving literacy?

The last in the list is “The Count of Monte Cristo” written by Alexandre Dumas. Though the book is the longest among others, you can read it rather fast. The main character Edmond Dantes finds himself in the prison. After long years spent there, he had the chance to escape. And it was put into practice successfully. He begins to think over the revenge on those who sent him to prison. It is a kind of a revengeful book, and it was written perfectly because it is based on real events.

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