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Witch Stories
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  • Genre: Mystery
  • Date of first publication: 1861
  • Number of pages: ~ 329
  • Amazon Rating ~ 3.4/5

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Witch Stories
The idea of ​​evil has never been in the shadow of history. Christianity, which became the very foundation of European civilization, placed the opposition of good and evil at the epicenter of the intellectual reflection of European society. It is no secret that the Christian God was thought to be the personification of good, while evil in the European consciousness was embodied in the defective and ghostly nature of the devil and his demons. At the sunset of the Middle Ages, the ever-lasting idea of ​​evil acquired a special sound in public consciousness in connection with the well-known historians of the growth of collective fear of the devil. This pan-European phenomenon, called "demonomania", was characterized by the assertion in the mass consciousness of the image of the omnipotent Satan, who is at the head of countless number of his minions. Among the latter began to be thought not only of his traditional henchmen - demons, but also of the earthly executors of his evil will - sorcerers and witches. So “demonomania” gave rise to another phenomenon - “witchcraft”, and together they took possession of the consciousness of Europeans for the next several centuries, triggering events that became a real historical drama in the history of European civilization.

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