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by Philip K. Dick
The Skull
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  • Fiction
  • 1952
  • Autor: Philip K. Dick
Conger agreed to kill a stranger whom he had never seen. He was not worried about finding the wrong person. He knew what this man looked like. He could not be mistaken in relation to the personality of his goal - he held a human skull in his hand...
Number of pages: ~ 22 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4 out of 5

by George Chetwynd Griffith
The World Peril of 1910
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  • Fiction
  • 1907
  • Autor: George Chetwynd Griffith
The treacherous continental powers invaded Britain with the help of the technological genius of the treacherous Irishman. The world, or at least the really important parts, is engulfed in war. Oh, and a giant comet is on its way to destroy the Earth ... all this, and not just pieces where white English-speaking people live....
Number of pages: ~ 149 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 5 out of 55 out of 5

by Ben Bova
The Dueling Machine
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The problem with great ideas is that someone will definitely take a lot of effort and ingenuity to figure out how to distort them....
Number of pages: ~ 49 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.9 out of 5

by Murray Leinster
The Pirates of Ersatz
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  • Fiction
  • 1959
  • Autor: Murray Leinster
Bron is a descendant of the infamous space pirates, but instead of following in the footsteps of his family, he decides to become an electronic engineer. Unfortunately, every time he tries to get out, something pulls him back. This is a mocking space adventure modeled after Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rats....
Number of pages: ~ 117 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.9 out of 53.9 out of 5

by Robert Sheckley
The Status Civilization
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  • Fiction
  • 1988
  • Autor: Robert Sheckley
This small dystopia confirms the status of Robert Sheckley as an unsurpassed master of fantastic ideas, a filigree stylist and a subtle connoisseur of human souls. Two alternative ways of developing society - the planet-prison Omega and the Earth - an oasis of order and stability, in which everything is predetermined for you in advance....
Number of pages: ~ 83 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.1 out of 5

Concordance: A Terran Empire concordance
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Everything you've been searching about the Mighty Terran Empire...
Number of pages: ~ 54 pages
Amazon Rating ~ n/a

by Anthony Gilmore
Hawk Carse
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  • Fiction
  • 1931
  • Autor: Anthony Gilmore
Carse Hawk reached the borders of space when Saturn was borderline planet that was years before fast patrol ships brought Earth law and order in these vast regions. A casual look at his slim figure did not betray that he was to become the greatest adventurer in outer space so that his name bears such a deadly character in subsequent years. But upon closer inspection, a number little things became apparent...
Number of pages: ~ 49 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4 out of 5

by Randall Garrett
Out Like a Light
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  • Fiction
  • 1960
  • Autor: Randall Garrett
One of the many interesting things that Randall Garrett did in his long and long career was writing a series of novels and stories taking place in a world where magic is as complex a science as physics or chemistry in our world. Magic is a licensed field. The setting for this story is slightly different - and yet it resembles the stories of D'Arcy. Kenneth Malone, sometimes called Sir Kenneth of the Royal FBI, had problems with telepathic spies and not only crazy telepathic counterspies. But the case of the disappearance of criminals was, at least, just as bad....
Number of pages: ~ 105 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.9 out of 5

Off On A Comet! A Journey Through Planetary Space
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The story begins with a comet that touches the Earth during flight and collects a few small pieces. About forty people of different nations and ages are doomed to a two-year journey through a comet. They form a mini-society and cope with the hostile environment of the comet (mainly with cold). The size of the "comet" is about 2,300 kilometers in diameter - much larger than any comet or asteroid that even exists....
Number of pages: ~ 162 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.9 out of 5

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions
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  • Fiction
  • 1884
  • Autor: Edwin Abbott Abbott
The protagonist of this novel is the Square, living in a flat country - Flatland. After a lengthy account of customs and social hierarchy, Kvadrat tells about a dream in which he saw the one-dimensional country of Lainland and communicated with its king. Every millennium, a voluminous world comes into contact with a flat world. On the threshold of 2000, the Sphere is the Square and introduces it to three-dimensional space. At the same time, a law was passed in Flatland, according to which everyone who talks about the world outside is recognized as heretics and subject to execution or...
Number of pages: ~ 44 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.2 out of 5