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by John Galsworthy
The Forsyte Saga
  • Fiction
  • 1933
  • Autor: John Galsworthy
Behind the outward success of the influential prim Forsyths, representatives of the top of the English bourgeoisie, who are discreetly discussing dividends and stock prices, the madness of passion, family enmity, hopeless love and the pain of loneliness......
Number of pages: ~ 855 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.2/5

by John Galsworthy
The Silver Box
  • Humor
  • 1906
  • Autor: John Galsworthy
The play that justice is not always fair. The son of rich parents gets drunk, does not remember who he is and what he is, does all sorts of miracles, but in the end ... But in the end, the one who is the last is to blame. But if justice had not been so biased, and if money had not ruled the world, then there could have been more than one guilty....
Number of pages: ~ 88 pages
Unknown rating

by John Galsworthy
John Golsworthy is an English prose writer and playwright, author of the famous cycle “The Forsyte Saga,” Nobel Prize in Literature (1932). In the drama "Fidelity," he expressed concern for the "lost generation" that comes into life after the end of World War I. Although the author’s position is limited by his belief in the inviolability of the bourgeois system, loyalty to realism led to the fact that the panorama he created correctly reflected the gradual decline of the English bourgeoisie. But if in the pre-war period, in his writings, the predatory egoism of the Forsytes was mainly...
Number of pages: ~ 84 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.9/5