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by Paul Ernst
The Red Hell of Jupiter
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Jupiter's Red Hell is a short science fiction novel written in 1931 for the popular science fiction magazine Amazing Stories. What is the secret of the famous "red spot" of Jupiter? Soon, two fighting earthlings, caught by the “chimney sweeps”, as well as their missing comrades, are discovered....
Number of pages: ~ 60 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 2.6 out of 5

by Paul Ernst
The Planetoid of Peril
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Harley 2Q14N20 momentarily stopped at the large dome of Celestial Developments. Terribly, he looked at their map of the development of asteroids. He showed, as one would expect, the selection of the latest projects for the division of asteroids: Celestial Developments, founded in the distant 2045, will cope only with the best. It’s unlikely that he will find anything here!...
Number of pages: ~ 18 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 2 out of 5