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by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
In the Forbidden Land
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  • Adventure
  • 1898
  • Autor: Arnold Henry Savage Landor
The book of the English traveler and artist A. Henry Savage Land tells about his journey to the Kailash region and a visit to the origins of the Brahmaputra. This work is a valuable repository of information about southern Tibet and its people. During this incredibly difficult journey undertaken 120 years ago, full of hardships and dangers, Lendor was held captive, he was tortured and miraculously survived......
Number of pages: ~ 1108 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.7/5

by Ernest Henry Shackleton
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  • Adventure
  • 1909
  • Autor: Ernest Henry Shackleton
After the conquest of the South Pole by Amundsen, and, with the difference in a few days, by the British expedition of Scott, in Antarctica there was only one big goal for travel - crossing the continent from sea to sea....
Number of pages: ~ 362 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.3/5

Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Complete
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  • Adventure
  • 1914
  • Autor: John Addington Symonds
In 1877, Symonds began to have severe pulmonary hemorrhage, and since 1880 he began to live in a mountain resort in Davos in Switzerland, choosing a climate that is useful for treating tuberculosis. Here he created his most famous work, glorifying it in the 19th century. This was a seven-volume study in the field of culture and aesthetics called “Renaissance in Italy”. He also wrote studies of the poetry of Shelley (1879), Ben Johnson (1886), Michelangelo (1893), and Walt Whitman (1893), with whom he corresponded. He also published the first English translation of Sonnets by Michelangelo...
Number of pages: ~ 850 pages
Unknown rating

by Norman Douglas
Old Calabria by Norman Douglas
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The fame of Douglas was brought by the satirical novel South Wind (1917), whose theme was suggested to the author by Joseph Conrad and who was highly appreciated, among others, by Vladimir Nabokov. Graham Greene wrote that his generation grew up on South Wind, but Douglas himself placed his book of notes on travels in Greece, Austria, Italy, North Africa, India and others above all, which, among other things, opened the Italian South to several generations of Englishmen....
Number of pages: ~ 454 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.8/5

by Cyrus Townsend Brady
Sea Stories
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A collection of nautical stories revealing some of the extraordinary difficulties faced by seamen during their days of sailing....
Number of pages: ~ 318 pages
Unknown rating

by Daniel Defoe
The King of Pirates
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After the success of Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe wrote another story about adventures at sea. The result was this lesser-known work, which is a first-person account of pirate life. In response to a letter accusing him of the worst possible act, Captain Avery writes the answer, trying to justify himself. He considers it appropriate to provide a full account of the life of the captain of a pirate ship. And his letters show that he is just a romantic con man....
Number of pages: ~ 74 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3/5

by Honoré de Balzac
A Passion in the Desert
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1798 year. Napoleon's Egyptian campaign failed. His doomed army crosses the Sahara, repelling the attacks of the Mameluke warriors. The young French officer Augustin Robert fearlessly fights the enemy, believing in his salvation. But the Sahara completes destruction by overthrowing the surviving soldiers beyond reality. Being at that moment in a semi-unconscious state, Augustin escaping from his pursuers meets with a leopard. It was supposed to be a meeting with death....
Number of pages: ~ 22 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.6/5

by Charles Dickens
American Notes
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In 1842, the prominent English writer Charles Dickens (1812-1870) took a trip to America. Returning to England, he published American Notes (1842), and a little later, Martin Cheslwith (1844), two works in which the lying legend of "American Paradise" was exposed. At that time, America knew the slavery of blacks, in addition, Dickens could observe wild political mores, the controllability of the American press. He showed all this in his notes....
Number of pages: ~ 279 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4/5

by Mark Twain
The Innocents Abroad
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This ironic, witty and extremely informative story about the American journey through the Old World captivated the readers and spread in a huge circulation. And Mark Twain himself, who first tried his hand in the genre of travel notes, came to the conclusion that anyone who has been living in a corner of the world for a century will never learn tolerance, will not be able to look at life broadly and sensibly. Almost one hundred and fifty years after the release of his book, it is difficult to disagree with him....
Number of pages: ~ 685 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.8/5

by Max Brand
Black Jack
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Black Jack is a Western adventure story told by master brand teller Max Brand about the son of a murdered bad guy who is raised as a good gentleman. A bet was made about his fate: will genetics or the environment win? Will he become bad, like his father, or will become an outstanding person?...
Number of pages: ~ 152 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4/5