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Book Thoughts on Art and Life

Thoughts on Art and Life
  • Genre: Arts
  • Date of first publication: 2016
  • Number of pages: ~ 228
  • Rating is unknown
Thoughts on Art and Life
A book that allow us to travel through da Vinci's thoughts and will forever shift your own thinking to an amazing perspective... "Leonardo had found a refuge in art from the pettiness of material environment. Like his own creations, he, too, had learned the secret of the inner life. The painter, he wrote, could create a world of his own, and take refuge in this new realm. But it must not be one of shadows only. The very mystery he felt so keenly had yet to rest on a real foundation; to treat it otherwise would be to plunge into mere vapouring. Although attempting to bridge the gulf which separated the real from the unreal, he refused to treat the latter supernaturally." This edition was created on a perfect size for students.
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