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Etiquette by Emily Post
Etiquette by Emily Post
The book by Emily Post “Etiquette” (a monument to American good manners) was published in its first edition in 1922. She was honestly addressed to a narrow layer of the American public.
Emily Post's books were different from all previous ones. Firstly, she wrote them almost like fiction - on the examples of imaginary families, to which she gave speaking, directly phonvizinian surnames: The Eminents, The Toploftys, The Kindhearts. But the main thing - already in the first edition of the book "Etiquette" Emily Post offers a certain opportunity, purpose, seductive for the general reader:
High society is not a union of the rich, it also does not burn with the desire to exclude people born in noble families from its circle ... High society is an association of gentlemen and ladies for whom competent and polite speech, charm of good breeding, understanding of secular courtesy and instinctive attention to the feelings and comforts of others is the main recommendation.

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