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Looking Backward 2000-1887
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  • Genre: Fiction
  • Date of first publication: 1888
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Looking Backward 2000-1887

Bellamy's fantastic utopian novels made a great contribution to the theory of American socialism. In his main work, “After a Hundred Years,” the author described the social system that had come to him. The hero of the book, under the influence of hypnosis, fell asleep in a lethargic dream in 1887, and woke up already in 2000 and was surprised to find that over the past 113 years, a society of universal equality had emerged in the process of peaceful evolution in America. All implements of production are nationalized, the people represent the “industrial army of labor”, competition, business, money have disappeared, the foundations of upbringing, education and family life have deeply changed.

A new, ideal society harmoniously reconciled the selfish aspirations of a person with the interests of others and turned into a single state-political and economic syndicate with mandatory work for every citizen. The differences between rich and poor have disappeared, new conditions are holding back criminal tendencies, laziness is not allowed, people differ only in their abilities and merits.
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