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The Gland Stealers
  • Added By: fragment
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Date of first publication: 2015
  • Number of pages: ~ 177
  • Amazon Rating ~ п/а
The Gland Stealers

Gran'pa is ninety-five, possessed of £100,000, a fertile
imagination, and a good physique. He sees in the papers accounts of
the theory of rejuvenation by means of gland-grafting.
Nothing will satisfy him but that the experiment should be made
upon himself. He acquires a gorilla, a hefty murderous brute, and
the operation is performed with success. That is only the beginning.
He next determines to dig out an old love, and make her young, too;
and Sally, a dear old lady of seventy, arrives upon the scene.
Inspired to philanthropy by the thrill of regained youth, Gran'pa
decides to take a hundred or so old men to Africa, capture a like
number of gorillas, and borrow their glands.
There are thrilling adventures with the gorillas, whilst the
old gentlemen supply the comedy--there are not enough glands to
go round. The result of the operations is a surprise to all,
particularly to the old gentlemen themselves.
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