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The Man Who Ended War
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  • Genre: Fiction
  • Date of first publication: 1908
  • Number of pages: ~ 144
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Book brief summary
The Man Who Ended War

The US Secretary of State receives a letter sent to him and to all other countries stating that the war has been devastating the land for too long and peace is coming. He orders them to destroy the weapons of war and disband the military. The letter ends, "In a year from this date, I will allow disarmament and no more. By the time my orders are ignored, I will quickly destroy every battleship in the world. In the next two months you will know that my words are words. . true. " Signed "The Man Who Will Stop All War".
Officials initially dismiss it as a letter from a crank. Then several battleships disappear, one week, without a trace. What new technologies allow this person to fulfill their threat? Can I find and stop it? Do the great powers of the world agree to disarm or blame each other and start a war?

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