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Hellhounds of the Cosmos
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  • Genre: Fiction
  • Date of first publication: 1932
  • Number of pages: ~ 22
  • Amazon Rating ~ 3.8 out of 5

Book brief summary
Hellhounds of the Cosmos

Mankind hid in fear in homes. The largest cities - world capitals - can do nothing with the advancing enemy. The mysterious Horror swallows them. It all started in remote areas populated by small settlements. At night, unknown creatures began to attack the villages, and in the morning only gnawed corpses remained. The survivors in horror babbled about some shadows that could not be done any harm. And now humanity has shuddered. One after another, human settlements disappear under the onslaught of ethereal shadows that all the armies of the world cannot stop. Newspapers shout: “Attack from space!”, “Humanity is doomed!” ...

But Dr. Silas White made a discovery. The enemy has nothing to do with space. This is really an invasion, but from a four-dimensional world, creatures from which in our world are absolutely invulnerable. The only chance to stop them is to go into their dimension and fight them. To do this, Dr. White built a machine that adds people the fourth dimension and carries them into the enemy world. What will end this battle?

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