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Tender is the Flesh
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  • Genre: Fiction
  • Date of first publication: 2020
  • Number of pages: ~ 224
  • Amazon Rating ~ 4.9/5

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Book brief summary
Tender is the Flesh
"Tender is the Flesh" is a dystopian novel by Agustina Bazterrica that takes place in a world where animals are extinct, and humans have resorted to cannibalism to meet their dietary needs. The story follows Marcos, a man who works at a processing plant that turns human beings into food products for consumption.

As Marcos becomes increasingly desensitized to the horrors of his job, he begins to question the moral implications of his actions. His doubts are heightened when he comes into contact with a woman who has been bred specifically to be consumed as meat.

Throughout the novel, Bazterrica explores complex themes such as the commodification of human life, the dehumanization of individuals, and the ethical consequences of treating living beings as objects. The book is a disturbing but thought-provoking commentary on the dangers of unchecked capitalism and the devaluation of human life in modern society.

Overall, "Tender is the Flesh" is a powerful and unsettling novel that will challenge readers to reconsider their attitudes towards the treatment of living beings and the consequences of a society driven solely by profit.

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