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Eugenie Grandet
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  • Genre: Fiction
  • Date of first publication: 1833
  • Number of pages: ~ 168
  • Amazon Rating ~ 4.6/5

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Eugenie Grandet
Eugenia Grande was considered the most enviable bride in Saumur. Her father, a simple bochar, became rich during the Revolution, buying up confiscated church estates for nothing - the best vineyards and several farms in the Saumur district. He was elected mayor at the Consulate, and during the time of the Empire he was only called Mr. Grande - however, he was familiarly called "dad" by the eyes. No one knew exactly what capital the former Bochar had, but savvy people said that dad Grande had six to seven million francs loyal. Only two people could confirm this, but the notary Kruscho and the banker de Grassen knew how to keep their mouths shut. However, both so frankly fawned on Grande that the city of Saumur was filled with deep respect for the old man. The notary, with the support of numerous relatives, molested Evgenia’s hands for his nephew, the chairman of the court of first instance. In turn, the wife of the banker de Grassen deftly intrigued, hoping to marry the rich heiress of Adolf's son.

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