by Robert W. Haseltine
Prelude to Space
  • Fiction
  • 1954
  • Autor: Robert W. Haseltine
You will definitely be included in the survey at one time or another. However, there is one that you may not recognize as such. Most likely, it will be more important than you think. It can be mans... Prelude to Space...
Number of pages: ~ 10 pages

by Charles V. De Vet
Monkey On His Back
  • Fiction
  • 1960
  • Autor: Charles V. De Vet
He walked endlessly along a long corridor with glass walls. Bright sunlight penetrated through one wall onto a blue backpack over his shoulders. What he was and what he did here was overshadowed. Truth lurked in some corner of his consciousness, but this was not achieved by superficial awareness....
Number of pages: ~ 19 pages

by Everett B. Cole
Alarm Clock
  • Fiction
  • 1960
  • Autor: Everett B. Cole
The most useful explosives, such as ammonium nitrate, are extremely powerful ... as soon as they fire. But they seem to remain inert when they are beaten, burned, punished in different ways - until the necessary shock occurs ......
Number of pages: ~ 29 pages

by Bryce Walton
Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly?
The reservoirs for the body had to be replenished, and the ship had to be serviced - and the crew had a dream about the Lotus in his bed from protoplasm. But Kelly knew how to awaken them ......
Number of pages: ~ 13 pages

by Robert Sheckley
  • Fiction
  • 1959
  • Autor: Robert Sheckley
Charles Denison invented the most effective elixir of longevity, and now all of humanity should know about its greatest discovery. But some people do not agree with this state of affairs and want to prevent Denison ......
Number of pages: ~ 14 pages

by Tom Godwin
The Helpful Hand
the helpful hand of god ... can really be very helpful. But, of course, it has long been known that God helps those who wisely help themselves ......
Number of pages: ~ 21 pages

by Ben Bova
The Next Logical Step
Usually the military least wants others to know the final details of their military plans. But, logically, there would be times......
Number of pages: ~ 10 pages

by Randall Garrett
The Asses of Balaam
  • Fiction
  • 1961
  • Autor: Randall Garrett
A distinctive feature of the ass of Balaam was that he was more penetrating than his master. Sometimes a child is more perceptive - because he is more straightforward and logical - than an adult .......
Number of pages: ~ 20 pages

by William F. Nolan
Of Time and Texas
  • Fiction
  • 1956
  • Autor: William F. Nolan
For twenty-eight years, William Nolan, another newcomer in this field, introduces us to the capricious door of the time of Professor S. Sidwick Ohm, guaranteed to solve the accumulated problems of the world in 2057....
Number of pages: ~ 8 pages

by E. G. Von Wald
Shock Absorber
  • Fiction
  • 1955
  • Autor: E. G. Von Wald
A person acts on the basis of what he considers facts, not facts. He lives or dies from the fact that there are facts. Now sometimes you don’t have time to correct a person’s beliefs, but he must act correctly ......
Number of pages: ~ 19 pages

by Russell Burton
Weak on Square Roots
  • Fiction
  • 2009
  • Autor: Russell Burton
Does your wife call you Pumpkinhead? Well, maybe this is not an insult; it may be the name of the pet. Ah, but _which_ is the name of the pet?...
Number of pages: ~ 12 pages

by Stephen Marlowe
A Place in the Sun
  • Fiction
  • 1956
  • Autor: Stephen Marlowe
Johnny Mayham, one of the most memorable characters of the golden era of science fiction, is a werewolf who can look like any person. In the story “A Place Under the Sun,” Mayhem ordered the rescue of a spaceship that is in direct collision with the Sun. Will he be able to complete this mission of Hercules before it is too late?...
Number of pages: ~ 17 pages

by Randall Garrett
Hanging by a Thread
  • Fiction
  • 1961
  • Autor: Randall Garrett
It’s rare that the fate of many people literally hangs in the balance - but it’s also rare that the device, each part of which has been thoroughly tested, does not work ......
Number of pages: ~ 22 pages

by S. P. Meek
The Great Drought
Another episode of Dr. Bird’s extraordinary duel with the learned wizard Saranov. "The maneuver is progressing the way you want. Dr. Bird?" asked the head of the air corps. The famous scientist lowered his binoculars and smiled. “Exactly, General,” he replied. "They keep a great line." “This is the largest concentration of air force this country has ever seen,” said General Merton proudly....
Number of pages: ~ 21 pages

by R. R. Winterbotham
The Whispering Spheres
  • Fiction
  • 1941
  • Autor: R. R. Winterbotham
An alien life form - a metal sinister - threatens all of humanity with destruction. Something that looked like an inner eye glowed for a moment as the sphere advanced....
Number of pages: ~ 34 pages