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by Jerome Bixby
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Twenty-nine of us were E.T.I. Team 17, the purpose of which were asteroids. We were four years and three months outside Terra, and we arrived at Vesta on schedule. Ten minutes after the landing, we knew that the lump was part of the crust of Planet X - or Sorn, to give it the correct name - one of the few parts that were not ejected from the solar system. This made Vesta special. It meant to calm down. This meant a thorough, long monthly analysis of every square inch of Vesta and many of its cubic, especially by scientists studying life. Fossils, artifacts, living life. A, a surface piece...
Number of pages: ~ 11 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.6 out of 5

by Robert Silverberg
Postmark Ganymede
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  • Fiction
  • 1957
  • Autor: Robert Silverberg
Preston served as a space patrol, but he was transferred to a postal ship. Now he must deliver mail to Ganymede. The new work turned out to be no less dangerous, because among the asteroids pirates were waiting for him, and on Ganymede - ice worms....
Number of pages: ~ 12 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.7 out of 5

by Philip Francis Nowlan
The Airlords of Han
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  • Fiction
  • 1929
  • Autor: Philip Francis Nowlan
Recovering from the gas that caused him to sleep for five hundred years, Anthony “Buck” Rogers helped enslaved America deliver the first blow to freedom against the newcomer Khan. Now he and beloved female warrior Wilma Deering must wage a desperate battle to the finish line against a superior opponent using futuristic weapons such as disintegrators, jumping belts, inertron, paralysis rays and atomic torpedoes. Climatic conflict involves the battle of ships and rays with special effects, which will challenge even the most outstanding filmmakers of today to successfully reproduce the film....
Number of pages: ~ 55 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.9 out of 5

by Randall Garrett
By Proxy
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  • Fiction
  • 1960
  • Autor: Randall Garrett
Mr. Terrence Elshaw did not match the mental picture that comes to the mind of an ordinary person when he hears the words "news reporter." Automatically, everyone thinks of the general run of serious, beautiful, with hard jaws, even eyes, with gentle voices gentlemen whom everyone sees on the TV screen. No matter which newsletter to subscribe to, news reporters are pretty much all type. And Terrence Elshaw is just not that type....
Number of pages: ~ 27 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 5 out of 5

by H. Thompson Rich
Spawn of the Comet
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  • Fiction
  • 1931
  • Autor: H. Thompson Rich
“There are no seeds that we know, really. But what, in the end, do we know about the types of life that can be found on other planets? ” “Nothing, of course. Only they did not come from the planet. They came from a comet. " “And who can say that a comet is not a decayed planet? Or suppose we take a different theory, that it is an eruption of some sun, ours or another. In any case, who can say that life cannot survive the intense heat? ......
Number of pages: ~ 19 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.2 out of 5

by Randall Garrett
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  • Fiction
  • 1962
  • Autor: Randall Garrett
Not dizzying, not even fast, but very noticeable, a huge mass of jagged rock rotated around its axis. There are two main types of fools: those who know that they are fools, and those who, because they do not know this, are a deadly threat!...
Number of pages: ~ 33 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.4 out of 5

by Lester Del Rey
Police Your Planet
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  • Fiction
  • 1956
  • Autor: Lester Del Rey
Bruce Gordon, a former fighter and ex-player, ex-policeman and ex-reporter, has now become an ex-patriot of the Earth. The security sends him to Mars with a knife, a hundred credit cards and a yellow card, which does not give a chance of return. But he knew how to communicate with the commission in the police station of Marsoport, and then found what was not only examples of fine art, but also the official Martian way of life. Thus he joined the system. And then he met Sheila ......
Number of pages: ~ 79 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.8 out of 5

by Richard Wilson
Double Take
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  • Fiction
  • 2009
  • Autor: Richard Wilson
The barn was a disguised spaceship, and that was just the beginning. Before his strange adventure ended, the young Paul Asher discovered that he was walking in circles - indeed very strange circles!...
Number of pages: ~ 13 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.5 out of 5

by F. Scott Fitzgerald
This Side of Paradise
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  • Fiction
  • 1920
  • Autor: F. Scott Fitzgerald
The first Fitzgerald novel, which brought him literary fame. All young people are the same. They are sure that a bright future awaits them and that the whole world belongs to them. So considered and ambitious Emory Blaine - until he passed the harsh school of the First World War. Its history is the fate of an entire generation for which "all the gods died, all wars died out, all faith was undermined." Now, after many losses, a string of failures and bitter disappointments, he eagerly wants only one thing - to have fun and enjoy every moment. But what is the true value of life on "This Side of...
Number of pages: ~ 305 pages
Unknown rating

by Frances Hodgson Burnett
A Little Princess
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The heroine of the story of the famous American writer Francis Burnett, Sarah Crewe, is a girl from a wealthy family. She gets all the best - the best toys, the most beautiful clothes, the most delicious goodies. But suddenly the luxurious life of little Sarah ends, and a new one begins, full of suffering and deprivation. But Sarah Crewe - a noble girl with a kind and loving heart - courageously and patiently copes with the difficulties that fell to her lot....
Number of pages: ~ 324 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.5/5