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by Henry James
The Madonna of the Future
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An after-dinner conversation, the focal point of this short story, manages to monopolize the reader's attention from the very beginning. An American artist is longing to create his masterpiece. In his pursuit, he has found a way to expel his frustration through a discussion about the magnum opuses of different artists. This is the turning point of his life....
Number of pages: ~ 35 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.8/5

by Roger Casement
The Casement Report
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  • History
  • 1904
  • Autor: Roger Casement
The Casement Report was a 1904 document written by Roger Casement (1864–1916)—a diplomat and Irish independence fighter—detailing abuses in the Congo Free State which was under the private ownership of King Leopold II of Belgium. This report was instrumental in Leopold finally relinquishing his private holdings in Africa. Leopold had ownership of the Congolese state since 1885, granted to him by the Berlin Conference, in which he exploited its natural resources (mostly rubber) for his own private wealth....
Number of pages: ~ 306 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.7/5

by W. H. Hudson
Afoot in England
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Guide-books are so many that it seems probable we have more than any other country—possibly more than all the rest of the universe together. Every county has a little library of its own—guides to its towns, churches, abbeys, castles, rivers, mountains; finally, to the county as a whole. They are of all prices and all sizes, from the diminutive paper-covered booklet, worth a penny, to the stout cloth-bound octavo volume which costs eight or ten or twelve shillings, or to the gigantic folio county history, the huge repository from which the guide-book maker gets his materials. For these great...
Number of pages: ~ 153 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.7/5

by Felix Salten
Josefine Mutzenbacher
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Josefine Mutzenbacher or The Story of a Viennese Whore, as Told by Herself (German: Josefine Mutzenbacher or Die Geschichte einer Wienerischen Dirne von ihr selbst erzählt) is an erotic novel written by Josefine Mutzenbacher and first published anonymously in Vienna, Austria in 1906. The novel is well-known in German-speaking countries, having been published in both German and English for over a century and selling over 3 million copies, making it an erotic bestseller....
Number of pages: ~ 172 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.7/5

by Max C. Thompson
Birds from North Borneo
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Birds from North Borneo is a classic Borneo birding journal by Max C. Thompson. The major part of this report is an account of birds collected by the expedition of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum of Honolulu, Hawaii, to North Borneo, from June 24, 1962, through January 14, 1963. Most of the time spent in the then British Colony was devoted to collecting in lowland habitats. The chief collecting localities were in the vicinity of Quoin Hill on the Semporna Peninsula, and near Kalabakan. Approximately two weeks were spent in surveying the Tenom area. Additional work was done by the North Borneo...
Number of pages: ~ 94 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.8/5

by Louisa May Alcott
Little Women
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  • Romance
  • 1869
  • Autor: Louisa May Alcott
What is Little Women about : The story follows the lives of the four March sisters—Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy—and details their passage from childhood to womanhood. Loosely based on the lives of the author and her three sisters, it is classified as an autobiographical or semi-autobiographical novel. A new, beautifully laid-out, easy-to-read edition of a timeless classic Printed on 6x9 (15x22cm)/60lb (90gsm) quality paper Unabridged 2022 Edition - Complete 1869 Original Text If you enjoy literary classic, treat yourself to this best-selling edition of Little Women, a true classic that belongs on...
Number of pages: ~ 444 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.6/5

by Jose Rizal
The Reign of Greed
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El Filibusterismo, the second of Jose Rizal's novels of Philippine life, is a story of the last days of the Spanish regime in the Philippines. Under the name of The Reign of Greed it is for the first time translated into English. Written some four or five years after Noli Me Tangere, the book represents Rizal's more mature judgment on political and social conditions in the islands, and in its graver and less hopeful tone reflects the disappointments and discouragements which he had encountered in his efforts to lead the way to reform. Rizal's dedication to the first edition is of special...
Number of pages: ~ 228 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.5/5

by Thornton W. Burgess
Old Granny Fox
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Winter's here, and there's a carpet of deep snow covering the Green Forest and the nearby meadow — which means Reddy Fox and Granny Fox are having trouble finding food. Reddy, of course, is full of reckless ideas, such as getting into Farmer Brown's chicken house in daylight. Using the wisdom she's acquired over the years, Granny overrules many of Reddy's foolhardy suggestions, taking the conceit out of a youngster who thinks he knows more than anyone else. Granny also teaches Reddy quite a bit about patience, common sense, and resourcefulness. A timeless fable by master storyteller Thornton...
Number of pages: ~ 96 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.8/5

by John Wesley
Thoughts Upon Slavery
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BY slavery I mean domestic slavery, or that of a servant to a master. A late ingenious writer well observes, "The variety of forms in which slavery appears, makes it almost impossible to convey a just notion of it, by way of definition. There are however certain properties which have accompanied slavery in most places, whereby it is easily distinguished from that mild domestic service which obtains in our own country."...
Number of pages: ~ 102 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.7/5

The Gentlemen's Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politeness
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From advice on how to treat ladies to how to behave at a party this handy 19th-century guidebook will delight readers with it's entertaining nuggets of wisdom.Ever wondered what to do in polite society if you find an insect in your food? Or how a gentleman should ask a lady to dance? And what on earth is the etiquette for smoking cigars? First published in 1860, this classic guide to gentlemanly behavior is a veritable mine of information and indispensable advice for aspiring gentlemen. No matter if a man finds himself at home, in the street, or in a place of amusement, he has but to leaf...
Number of pages: ~ 289 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.5/5