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by Percy B. Green
A History of Nursery Rhymes
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  • History
  • 1899
  • Autor: Percy B. Green
Nursery rhymes - this is what is remembered from childhood the most. The author decided to find out what is so interesting hidden from children's verses and decomposed them into components, sharing his own conclusions. Many of them are connected with real events, which adds interest to the stories they tell....
Number of pages: ~ 258 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.3/5

by Lord Ronald Sutherland Gower
Joan of Arc
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Ronald Gower is a British lord, politician, sculptor and writer. The amazing life of Joan of Arc haunted him. The legendary liberator of France is devoted to books, works, films, performances and paintings. In France there is no city in which her name would not be immortalized. The phenomenon of memory and great reverence for Joan of Arc lies in her unique biography - at 17 she became the commander in chief of France. Lord Gower studied her biography in detail to learn more about the phenomenal warrior, and shared his discoveries with the world....
Number of pages: ~ 334 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.2/5

by William H. Ukers
All About Coffee
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  • History
  • 1922
  • Autor: William H. Ukers
Civilization in its progressive movement produced only three important non-alcoholic drinks - tea plant extract, cocoa bean extract and coffee bean extract. This book is about everything related to coffee, about varieties and methods of roasting, cooking and so on. Everything that mankind knew about coffee until the 1920s is in this book....
Number of pages: ~ 820 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 3.5/5

by Abbot of Nogent-sous-Coucy Guibert
The Deeds of God Through the Franks
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  • History
  • 1997
  • Autor: Abbot of Nogent-sous-Coucy Guibert
The Guibert of Nogent story about the first crusade is an important but complex chronicle presented in this first English translation. It is a valuable addition to the repertoire of materials by Boydell and Brewer on the Crusade and is an interesting text, since the author showed himself to be an original writer and, to some extent, an innovator, and tried to create a critical story from sources of eyewitnesses - “Acts of Francs” and “Fulker Chartres” “ History of the expedition to Jerusalem. " From this book you can learn significant details about the attitude of the West towards the First...
Number of pages: ~ 230 pages
Unknown rating

Mr. Punch's History of the Great War
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This is a story about the adventures of Mr. Punch during the First World War, told by the language of witty satire. Despite the humor, the book is intended not only to preserve the memory of the bloody war, but also to look at it from the other side....
Number of pages: ~ 324 pages
Unknown rating

by Etiquette by Emily Post
Etiquette by Emily Post
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The book by Emily Post “Etiquette” (a monument to American good manners) was published in its first edition in 1922. She was honestly addressed to a narrow layer of the American public. Emily Post's books were different from all previous ones. Firstly, she wrote them almost like fiction - on the examples of imaginary families, to which she gave speaking, directly phonvizinian surnames: The Eminents, The Toploftys, The Kindhearts. But the main thing - already in the first edition of the book "Etiquette" Emily Post offers a certain opportunity, purpose, seductive for the general reader: High...
Number of pages: ~ 736 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.5/5

by G. K. Chesterton
The Ballad of the White Horse
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The poem is dedicated to the battle of Alfred the Great, the first Anglo-Saxon king of Britain with the pagan Danes. Chesterton sees this event as an allegory of the confrontation between civilization and barbarism, faith and unbelief, life and death. Chesterton transforms the image of a white horse, an ancient drawing on the chalk hills of Oxfordshire, into a symbol of the European Christian tradition: this silhouette has survived to this day, because generation after generation has cleared its outlines, preventing it from overgrown with turf, - so our ideas about good and evil, duty ,...
Number of pages: ~ 92 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4/5

by George Bird Grinnell
Blackfeet Indian Stories
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  • History
  • 1913
  • Autor: George Bird Grinnell
Blackfoots are Native American people in the USA and Canada, named after the color of moccasins. The name comes from the Siksikans "black", and the okkati "leg, foot." According to legend, the black-footed led the migration of the western Algonquins from the valley of the Red River to the foot of the Rocky Mountains. At the end of the 18th century, they reached the South Saskatchewan River, in the 19th century they wandered from the North Saskatchewan River to the headwaters of Missouri. Among blackfoots, cults of patron spirits, “sacred bundles”, and the demiurge Napi (“Old Man”) are common....
Number of pages: ~ 144 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 4.3/5

by Robert J. Martin
Beyond Pandora
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The ideal way to deal with a pest—any menace—is, of course, to make it useful to you.......
Number of pages: ~ 8 pages
Amazon Rating ~ 5 out of 5

The World of H.G. Wells
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A natural pause appears to have come in the career of Mr. H.G. Wells. After so many years of travelling up and down through time and space, familiarizing himself with all the various parts of the solar system and presenting himself imaginatively at all the various geological epochs, from the Stone Age to the end of the world, he has for good and all domesticated himself in his own planet and point of time. This gradual process of slowing down, so to speak, had been evident from the moment of his first appearance. The most obvious fact about his romances of science, considered as a series, is...
Number of pages: ~ 50 pages
Amazon Rating ~ п/а