by John Victor Peterson
Lost in the Future
Did you ever wonder what might happen if mankind ever exceeded the speed of light? Here is a profound story based on that thought--a story which may well forecast one of the problems to be encountered in space travel....
Number of pages: ~ 9 pages

by Al Sevcik
Alien Offer
In space, a vengeful fleet waited.... Then the furred strangers arrived with a plan to save Earth's children. But the General wasn't sure if he could trust an......
Number of pages: ~ 15 pages

by R. R. Winterbotham
The Minus Woman
What made the mass of this tiny asteroid fluctuate in defiance of all known physical laws? It was an impossible fact--but then, so was the girl who they knew couldn't exist!...
Number of pages: ~ 12 pages

by Charles Louis Fontenay
If Saranta wished to qualify as one who loved his fellow man, he should have known that often the most secretive things are the most obvious....
Number of pages: ~ 9 pages

by Anderson Horne
The Day of the Dog
They came home from a strange journey.... And heroes they might have been--a little dog and a man!...
Number of pages: ~ 13 pages

by Theodore Pratt
The Hohokam Dig
From where had these attacking Indians come? Out of a long forgotten and dim past? Had their medicine man seen the one supreme vision?...
Number of pages: ~ 14 pages

by Everett B. Cole
The Weakling
A strong man can, of course, be dangerous, but he doesn't approach the vicious deadliness of a weakling - with a weapon!...
Number of pages: ~ 45 pages

by Frank Belknap Long
The Calm Man
Sally watched the molten gold glow in the sky. Then knew she would not see her son and her husband ever again on Earth....
Number of pages: ~ 15 pages

by B F. L. Wallace
Bolden's Pets by

by Stephen Marlowe
The One and the Many
Only One Question Is Eternal- What Lies Beyond the Ultimate?...
Number of pages: ~ 11 pages

by Charles A. Stearns
The Marooner
Wordsley and Captain DeCastros crossed half a universe -suffered hardship - faced unknown dangers; and all this for what--a breath of rare perfume?...
Number of pages: ~ 14 pages

by John Michael Sharkey
Minor Detail
General Webb had a simply magnificent idea for getting ground forces into the enemy's territory despite rockets and missiles and things like that. It was a grand scheme, except for one......
Number of pages: ~ 12 pages

by Charles Saphro
Zero Data
All the intricate, electronic witchery of the 21st century could not pin guilt on fabulous Lonnie Raichi, the irreproachable philanthropist. But Jason, the cop, was sweating it out ... searching for that fourth and final and all-knowing rule that would knock Lonnie's "triple ethic" for a gala loop....
Number of pages: ~ 21 pages

by Frederic Max
Rex Ex Machina
The domination of the minds of tractable Man is not new. Many men have dreamed of it. Certainly some of them have tried. This man succeeded....
Number of pages: ~ 8 pages

by Robert Moore Williams
Be It Ever Thus
The planet's natives were so similar to their conquerors that no one could tell them apart--except for their difference in thinking....
Number of pages: ~ 15 pages